Osaka World Expo 2025

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The Osaka World Expo in 1970 marked a comprehensive shift from product display to cultural display and conceptual display. At that time, humans had already landed on the moon. The American Pavilion exhibited rocks collected from the moon, and the Soviet Pavilion exhibited spacecraft. The Osaka World Expo opened an information era in human history.

After half a century, Osaka, Japan’s dream came true again and successfully won the right to bid for the 2025 World Expo.

The 1970 Osaka World Expo in Japan is known as one of the most successful World Expos. According to figures released by the Statistics Bureau of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications of Japan, the Osaka World Expo lasted 184 days from March 15, 1970 to September 13, the same year. A total of 64218770 people were received. Among them, 1.7 million foreigners were present. At that time, the population of Japan was 144.66 million, which means that two out of every three Japanese have visited it.

The Osaka Expo in 2025 is expected to welcome 28 million visitors. Although the number of people is less than half of the 1970 World Expo, judging from the actual holdings in recent years, this is still a very exciting number. In that era when traveling abroad is truly a luxury, visiting the Expo pavilions is a valuable opportunity for people to get in touch with the culture and technology of various countries in the world. In this era, not only can anyone easily travel abroad, but people can also learn about a remote country in real time through the Internet. The theme parks and other facilities constantly being built around the world are also competitors of the Expo. How to show the charm of the World Expo and let people move here is also a major issue.